So although it took me a long while to put up the first idea this is rolling now… As I was stumbling through my twitter stream the other day there were certainly a few posts which backlinked to articles which encouraged people to strengthen blogging. One was the call to start blogging from Tim Kastelle […]

As starting to learn Ruby on Rails for a couple of hours I felt comfortable in making me some notes on what are some default steps to get started with a basic app. Although using the excellent tutorial of Michael Hartl it took me some time do remember all the command as they end up […]

As I end up with more ideas on what to hack, program or build as I could implement I decided to start a small series on this blog in order to give away ideas. For that I will post ideas as a short description maybe a sketch, pictures, videos or whatever will be necessary / […]

Want to have just that little bit more power for your living room?! Why not take some of these high power led strips of Nichia-LEDs.… There are six of them on one strip, about 50mm long and run at 10W electrical power at a whole. Taking the cooling needs into account with some huge heat […]

Is this just an retro lookin box or something else… What was a simple resistor cascade once became now a even more simple switch for between two audio sources… …another new box 😉

when you open a box you`ll never know the content. So did I when I returned from a huge trade show earlier these days. I just picked what was for free and ended up with a good selection of devel-boards. Here they are: STM32 F4 discovery board STM32 F4 discovery board STM32L discovery board STM8L […]

A lot of you might have noticed Marco Donnarummas Project XthSense where he is transforming muscle performance into musical expression with a simple but neat circuit [link]. While he has not only got a lot of attention of Bloggers, Musicians but also from professionals like the Guthman Jury. If you are not familiar with the […]