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Need an idea? Grab this one #1 debates platform

So although it took me a long while to put up the first idea this is rolling now… As I was stumbling through my twitter stream the other day there were certainly a few posts which backlinked to articles which encouraged people to strengthen blogging. One was the call to start blogging from Tim Kastelle […]

the newbie-ruby-on-rails-recipe (nro2r)

As starting to learn Ruby on Rails for a couple of hours I felt comfortable in making me some notes on what are some default steps to get started with a basic app. Although using the excellent tutorial of Michael Hartl it took me some time do remember all the command as they end up […]

need an idea ? grab this one !

As I end up with more ideas on what to hack, program or build as I could implement I decided to start a small series on this blog in order to give away ideas. For that I will post ideas as a short description maybe a sketch, pictures, videos or whatever will be necessary / […]

Pd-extended in Raspbian Wheezy (armhf)

When I was looking around and trying to get Pure Data (Pd) or more specifically Pd-extended running on the Raspberry Pi, I stumbled across this very informing post in liminas log. Unfortunately the instructions over there are based on Debian Squeeze, which is the distribution that ran first on the Pi. Most recently Debian Wheezy […]