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der FahrStuhl – a wooden bike saddle – part 1

As I mentioned before [1,2], I`m building wooden bike saddles. The new and definetly ridable model is finished. Technical details will be posted here soon. Stay tuned. Advertisements

edge-lit display – thought over

If nixies are fun, edge-lit displays are even more so. They have been developed roughly in the same time as nixies but never grew to the same amount of popularity. For some strange reason. But anyhow, I ran into them while searching the web the other day and found some nice examples amongst other cool […]

Need an idea? Grab this one #4: wooden bike saddle

Alright, special bikes need special accessorizes. While preparing the build of a special bike (more on that to come) I felt the necessity to have special saddle on it. In the process of thinking of it, wood sticked to my mind. Initially I wanted to buy a wooden saddle, but some time after worthless searching […]

Need an idea? Grab this one #3: UV Whiteboard

As I`m kind of addicted to whiteboards in order to keep track, note or explain ideas and thoughts I got reflecting on the medium itself. Normally these boards are just cheap white-coated aluminium boards. Boring and not cool at all. But whtat about an LED-based system? I had two main ideas for a special whiteboard. […]

Need an idea? Grab this one #2 SMD 7-segment display

Have you ever asked yourself what the tiniest LED package is? I did. Its called 0402 with dimensions of  400 x 200 microns. They are not only barely visible but also hard to solder. After one trial and error and some video tutorials (1,2,3) I got some enameled wire attached to them. But what`s the […]

Need an idea? Grab this one #1 debates platform

So although it took me a long while to put up the first idea this is rolling now… As I was stumbling through my twitter stream the other day there were certainly a few posts which backlinked to articles which encouraged people to strengthen blogging. One was the call to start blogging from Tim Kastelle […]