Need an idea? Grab this one #3: UV Whiteboard

As I`m kind of addicted to whiteboards in order to keep track, note or explain ideas and thoughts I got reflecting on the medium itself. Normally these boards are just cheap white-coated aluminium boards. Boring and not cool at all. But whtat about an LED-based system?

I had two main ideas for a special whiteboard. On the one hand it should be constructed like an edge-lit display and on the other hand it should be only readable under defined circumstances. As the first part is easy (grab a piece of transparant acrylic glass, polish the edges and glue LEDs to it) I focused on the second part. Using different wavelengths at different times seemed to be a good solution. In combination with appropriate inks the thoughts written on the board would only be readable under the influence of the right wavelength. In that context blue or better UV light plays the important role. A lot of inks out there are sensitive for blue/UV light like ordinary highlighter pens and special UV pens. Essentially I hacked together a small plate of acrylic glass with an RGB LED module attached to it. As you can see on the picture the lines I wrote on the plate with some highlighter pens is not visible in red light but bright and clear in blue light…The usage of real UV LED in combination with a special UV pen could even further improve the visiability.

uv_whiteboard_2uv_whiteboard_1In my case its just a quick hack, but if you are interessted in the UV whiteboard feel free to build your own large board and send me a picture of it 😉




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