Need an idea? Grab this one #1 debates platform

So although it took me a long while to put up the first idea this is rolling now…

As I was stumbling through my twitter stream the other day there were certainly a few posts which backlinked to articles which encouraged people to strengthen blogging. One was the call to start blogging from Tim Kastelle Why you should start a blog right now where he also links to Dave Winers call Why blog?. Another beautiful incarnation of the approach to get people to publicize is Sacha Chua’s book A No-excuses guide to blogging
All of these recent articles made me think on the kind of discussion culture we are having as of the internet at the moment. Especially Winer is right when he claims that

A blog post has lasting value.

and when he emphasizes that blogging should regain a bit of value. It is definitively something which used to have more content, maybe with a longer lasting value. But most of all blogging is about sharing knowledge and spark discussions. Maybe it is that a lot of people (including me and the authors of this mentioned posts) are a bit tired of this endless stream of status updates, tweets, what’sapp messages, snapchats etc. So on the one hand I agree that there is (again) a need for more substantial writing on the internet. On the other hand it has not to be essentially blogs. The problem I see that lots of people don’t have the need or passion to fill a blog constantly or to focus on a certain topic to blog. So what’s a resolution?

From my point of view one resolution could be the creation of a web platform for debates only. And I mean not a forum. It should be a more or less oriented on classical debating clubs or competitions. If a platform would allow people to let say create a question and invite a certain number of people to debate on the topic. Given that the number of people and the number of answers or the time of answering is limited we should end up with more or less “troll free” discussions. You could as well think of a ranking system that forces people to rank others fairly in order to receive credits as well. I would also allow people to fork debates like software projects if they feel the need to do so. Another important point would be to let people choose whether the want to act anonym or not and to have the chance to change in-between if they like. Only that would allow people to speak freely or gain public credit for their opinions.
In the end the goal could be, that this kind of platform creates a kind of web of open information based on debates and the tracking of how debates went. Although there probably have to be tight rules to prevent pure trolling there should be a fair chance to build something great.
Often enough we here that society has an opinion on something…why not start and build the tool to create these opinion(s).

If you are interested grab this idea and make something of it. Or even better: discuss it with me!

edit: I just stumbled over which is close to what I posted…but I think we can certainmly discuss it anyway and see if there is still some room for improvements on this kind of idea…


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