the E B O O K – a raspberry π case

As I am getting to my first posts on this blog I´d like to present the so called E B O O K, a unusual but yet smooth case for the Raspberry Pi computer. 

It was as ideas were floating around what to do with the Raspberry PI (saving the world was only one of them) and the pure board was hanging around when I asked my self what kind of case would be suitable for a permanent operation. Especially for the one of my PIs which is running on OpenElec as a living room/multimedia server a nice case was needed.

There are already a bunch of beautiful cases available which range from stylish to unusual and handy. I was especially impressed by the lego case of Biz and the beautiful woodwork of Stephens PlyPI case. But in the end, all of them weren’t quite what I thought would be the right case for my living room. It should not be noticable on first sight and elegant in a way.

Setting these constraints I got my hands on an old book about compiler design and construction which I must admit never read 😉

After some quick measurements it became clear, that the Raspberry PI would fit inside the  book even with all cables necessary (Power, Audio, Video, Ethernet and USB in my case) by just cutting out the right amount of paper…Which seemed like the easy part in the first place and ended up in a huge mess…


Finally I mangaged to get the PI into the book and all cables out to the back of it. Well, I was initially a bit concerned about heat, but after a few days of continous operation I calmed down. Although I didn`t measure, the book will not get more than lets say 30 °C on the outside and runs since more than 3 weeks now with out any problems.

So finally I think  thats what a real ebook looks like…U might try to build this on your own? Just go ahead and show me your pictures…=)

As a last hint I` d like to point to Mike Andos recently created real myst book. It features a more or less fully equiped windows machine in netbook specs in  a beatiful book from the 19th century which took him not less than six years to build…



  1. I must say, I think the book case is an absolutely cracking idea for the HTPC application. I’d thought about DVD cases, but there’s something wonderful about books interacting with tech (loved the link to the Myst book, by the way!) and there are a fair few volumes on my shelf which could be better put to use housing a Pi.

    1. I even tried to get my book back in the middle of the shelf, but unfortunately I couldn`t manage to get all the cables hidden… So I just placed it right beside TV…
      I would love to see other folks building a book-case, and as you I was really impressed by the mystBook!

      By the way: you are not selling your wooden case?

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